Hi guys!!

I foresee an amazing week ahead!!

As you might know, I started blogging again and I deemed it did to share what I’ve been up to with you guys before moving on to other things.

This year, I’ve blogged and talked a lot about making changes in my life and I’ve taken some steps towards that. I didn’t want to wait till 2019 for the whole “new year, new me” mantra. I started trying to break some bad habits of mine and imbibe other Continue reading

Making Changes

Hi guys!

Happy new month y’all! It’s being a hot minute — I know.

A lot has happened since I left – the good, the bad and the ugly! Ok, not the ugly. I’m exaggerating. I’ve had to deal with stuff though; like “new attitudes” from friends; it was hard but I did it anyway. I began to understand that I needed to bring Continue reading