Making Changes

Hi guys!

Happy new month y’all! It’s being a hot minute — I know.

A lot has happened since I left – the good, the bad and the ugly! Ok, not the ugly. I’m exaggerating. I’ve had to deal with stuff though; like “new attitudes” from friends; it was hard but I did it anyway. I began to understand that I needed to bring my expectations of people down several notches.

I always knew that but I guess I concluded that it didn’t apply to my “special” friends. I’ve also had to deal struggles and setbacks that almost took me back to depression but look who isn’t depressed! Lol. The only thing that has remained constant in the past couple of months is my faith. Let me tell you, that’s not a norm for me. I’m usually on and off but thank God for God right?

Now that brings me to why I went MIA: I was unhappy. Not unhappy with life — (well, I was a little unhappy with life) but unhappy about my blog. I always want to share a bunch of things on here without overthinking it. I literally started blogging because I wanted a platform to share some of my crazy niche-less thoughts. I mean, it beats looking in the mirror and talking to myself lol. I literally get to interact with you guys and educate myself as well. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. All that began to change because I focused to hard on monetising my blog. I have to admit that it felt good being contacted by a few people here and there. I mean, I wasn’t even (still not) self-hosted so I felt I was on the right path. I had to be doing something right. That made me happy. Money makes me happy lol.

I’ve come to realise that asides money, there a lot of other things that would make me happy too. Maybe I wouldn’t be known as a beauty/skincare blogger and a I would not be a force in a certain niche but a girl just wants to be happy! I have a lot of interests and it hurts that I have to limit them because they are unrelated. I like beauty, I like books, I like faith and I like talking about life experiences and women and men.

This post is just let you guys know that I’m back again with a bang lol. I’m not back with a niche. I’m back to share everything that goes on in my head with you — well, almost everything. I hope you guys can bear with me. I know how annoying it can be to check a blog out and not even know what it’s about. I don’t know if you guys will ever be able to deal with that but I’m silently hoping and praying that you come through for me.

On the flip side, I think I might need help. Maybe there’s a way to bring my interests together under a niche; you know, keep them intertwined. I’m not going to force it though.

Do you ever struggle with having a niche? How did you overcome that struggle? I might need help!

Thank for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. Jenchat says:

    I certainly missed you, good thing you’re back. I’m totally cool with the niche-less thingy going on here. I mean, there’s always a new song to pay attention to each day you post. I’ve also struggled with a niche but my blog is gradually narrowing to food and that happened sneakily so enjoy the process 😁

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  2. enioladunni says:

    I went through a phase like this too when I felt like my blog was full of ramblings that nobody wanted to read. I stopped posting for a while for that reason. I mean, who wants to read the random thoughts of some random girl? I was not happy tho. I think this phase is a result of us putting too much pressure on ourselves to be like other bloggers who have a definite niche that can be pointed to. But I realised that it takes time to get there. I had to pray to God for clarity, and I realised that we don’t all have to be philosophers before we can be impactful. These things we write and label “ramblings” are exactly what some people need to read right now. And it is from writing regularly that we gradually get to that point where we realise what we enjoy writing the most and then stick to it. The niche would be born almost without you realising it. Just stick to what you enjoy doing, you can already tell from the comments that people love it. Whenever you get confused, just pray to God. He gave you this blog in the first place, He will help you sustain it. You rock with what you do, just keep at it and watch yourself get better! Peace. 😘

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