Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute and happy new month btw. It’s almost the end of the year and I’m not even excited. I set goals for myself at the beginning of the year and I think I’ve achieved about half of them which is more than I could say for myself last year so I’m still confused as to why I’m not even excited and more importantly proud of my efforts.

One major-ish goal I set that I haven’t achieved is getting a snatched body before the end of the year (and improving my health of course). So far, I’ve managed to get a bigger butt and belly cause I get back from work late and eat dinner really late too.

It’s been three months since I’ve tried not to eat dinner so late anymore and I even cut down on how much food I consume. Sometimes my still feeds me like she’s trying to get me fat enough so she can get a good buyer for me!

Asides cutting back on dinner, I’ve also started working out, like I said in my previous post. I tried a 7 minute workout for 7 days and I lost a whole inch in my belly and about half an inch in my hip. My waist is currently 27/28″ depending on the day. I usually do a 20minute full body workout but I stopped that for a week to try this workout and it was great guys! I hope I didn’t only lose water weight though.

There were also a whole lot of comments from people who said they saw changes in their bellies as well. That’s basically why I tried the workout in the first place.

It’s only 7 days guys, please try it and drop comments. I want to know if it works for you as well.


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