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So It’s Diva Diaries did a TMI (Too much information) post and it was an open tag for every interested blogger. I found it really interesting and I decided to join in on it.

So here it goes  (more…)


The Ultimate Relationship Commandments📖: you would survive anything if you know this and you actually follow it:

I stumbled upon her blog. She basically writes about love, relationships and other related stuff. I found this particular post interesting.


Hey guys, this post is really important and I believe deep down in my heart that if you want to have a happy, healthy relationship you have to know all these and abide with them. I am not an expert but when you go through all these rules below then you would definitely thank me later. I have come to realize that both guys and ladies just jump into relationships and Fly out because they don’t know what they want or what they are doing. It might not be now but if you want your relationship or even your marriage to work out and you want to be genuinely happy then listen up;
1.Never stay with someone who antagonises you or belittles you: if your partner diminishes your self esteem rather than help your confidence grow, then run, because you are going to end up damaged.

2. If you feel lonely…

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