Every month, before my period starts, I’d get so emotional and irritable. I’d cry over things I’d normally not cry about and get mad at the slightest provocation. One other annoying emotion I feel is love. That’s the best time for me to watch chick flicks cause normally I’d watch action movies or sci fi or even horror. I love watching movies with Continue reading


Making Changes

Hi guys!

Happy new month y’all! It’s being a hot minute — I know.

A lot has happened since I left – the good, the bad and the ugly! Ok, not the ugly. I’m exaggerating. I’ve had to deal with stuff though; like “new attitudes” from friends; it was hard but I did it anyway. I began to understand that I needed to bring Continue reading


When I was a little girl — say six or seven, my brother would buy me jigsaw puzzles. All he wanted was for me to be sharp, he was the best brother anyone could ever ask for. I bet he had no idea his little gestures would make be see life a little clearer and understand the things that seemed too difficult to comprehend. Continue reading