Nail Hacks

Hey guys! So I was drafting this post earlier and I posted it accidentally so if you got a mail, then I apologise. Anyway, I wanted to make myself a matte nail polish and it was an epic fail šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. I searched on google for nail hacks and it turns out I didn’t do the matte polish properly. Plus I thought it’d be a good idea to share some of the hacks I saw online with my lovilies. (more…)


Holy grail: Apple Cider Vinegar X Raw Shea Butter

Hey guys!Ā I know it’s been a minute! I had this post half drafted about a week ago (lol I’m so backward for typing that right?!)Ā but I was just too lazy to complete and post it. Besides, I’ve been busy. In other news, I started reading my first book by Chimamanda Adiche; Americanah. It’s interesting but I’m already exhausted because I have it in PDF format. I’ll pick hard copy over soft copy any day!



Hey guys! I apologise for being MIA  for sometime now; I was (maybe still) going through a phase and I have this weird feeling that come May, I’d feel differently. But don’t fret, I’m still here.

I just recently discovered how to make eyeshadow more pigmented, for those that don’t already know; this post is for you. You’d probably never see me use eyeshadow because I don’t know how to but towards the end of last year, (more…)

First Attempt at Marble Nail Art X Ex’s and Oh’s

Yo guys! You good? IĀ know it’s being a minute, I have no excuse.

So I decided to try thisĀ waterĀ marble nail thing. Ā This is actually my first time trying it so I’ll share my mistakes with you guys so if you’re also doing it for the first time, you’ll know not to make those mistakes too. I’m going to upload a video (more…)