Changing the Narrative

Hey guys! I hope your week started well. Mine did.

So a lot of people have been taking about the rape and kidnapping allegations Dorcas Sola Fapson made against the taxify Driver. I Continue reading


They Need to End in 2017!

Hi guys!

It’s been a pretty long break and I’ve lost track of the days, honestly. Today legit feels like Tuesday or something lol. This post should have been up yesterday but I suddenly started feeling sick; I even vomited (pretty unusual for me). I’m the sort of person that when I fall sick, I eat very well 😩but yesterday was just different. Anyho, I’m feeling a little better today… Continue reading


I started to type this post after a long and heated conversation with a friend. I planned to do a post about getting over someone you once liked after coming across a book I read back in 2010 [I just might still write that post]. I decided to write this instead because its something that has bothered me for the longest time.
I still find it unbelievable that I’ve met real life tribalists. Of course I know they exist but I still cannot believe I’ve come met them. I mean, it’s shocking me that certain people can talk down on other people’s tribes.

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