We Shall All Get Married

Guys! I am tired o! I am tired! People will not let me rest on this marriage issue and I’m not even in my mid twenties! Ki lo happen gan gan 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Continue reading “We Shall All Get Married”



I was born in the wrong body…

If you’re familiar with the LGBTQ+ community (or not), you might have heard or read about someone that believed they were born in the wrong body. We’re all familiar with Bruce Jenner’s story and how he became Catylin because he too was born in the wrong body… Continue reading “I WAS BORN IN THE WRONG BODY “


Someone asked me if I have a journal and I said “no”. This person’s reply was paraphrased : your blog is your journal. No pun intended. It took a few seconds before I mentally agreed to that statement.

Hope you guys are having a great month. And how’s the prep for Valentine’s Day? That day is gradually becoming a joke to me. 

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Question for the Almost-boyfriend

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about relationships and how complicated they can be sometimes. My friend would say ‘Life isn’t hard, we only make it seem hard'(Odi this is for you!) and I agree with her but sometimes there’s absolutely no way around it. my question is, how soon do you ask a guy for this genotype. it seems like a very easy question but in this time, you’ll ask a guy that and hell automatically assume you’re desperate. Continue reading “Question for the Almost-boyfriend”

Hello September

Hi guys!

Happy new month. I hope this month is everything that you wish it’d be. I’m so excited about the last quarter of the year. I’ve noticed that setting a goal is the best way to achieve literally anything. Giving yourself a time limit to achieve anything is a motivation on its own.  Continue reading “Hello September”