Someone asked me if I have a journal and I said “no”. This person’s reply was paraphrased : your blog is your journal. No pun intended. It took a few seconds before I mentally agreed to that statement.

Hope you guys are having a great month. And how’s the prep for Valentine’s Day? That day is gradually becoming a joke to me. 



Question for the Almost-boyfriend

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about relationships and how complicated they can be sometimes. My friend would say ‘Life isn’t hard, we only make it seem hard'(Odi this is for you!) and I agree with her but sometimes there’s absolutely no way around it. my question is, how soon do you ask a guy for this genotype. it seems like a very easy question but in this time, you’ll ask a guy that and hell automatically assume you’re desperate. (more…)

Positive Vibes

Hey guys! So I had my usual morning talk with my dad and he talked to me about being positive so I thought why not share my own two cents on positivity.

Sometimes we go through things in life and it makes us feel low. This feeling most times lead people to thinking negatively and wondering if things will ever fall into place; it’s normal but you’re only drawing yourself back and creating more negativity in your life.  (more…)


I started to type this post after a long and heated conversation with a friend. I planned to do a post about getting over someone you once liked after coming across a book I read back in 2010 [I just might still write that post]. I decided to write this instead because its something that has bothered me for the longest time.
I still find it unbelievable that I’ve met real life tribalists. Of course I know they exist but I still cannot believe I’ve come met them. I mean, it’s shocking me that certain people can talk down on other people’s tribes.


On Finding happiness 

So I see self help books on how to achieve this or that, how to grow rich and even on how to be happy. How to be happy? Really? It’s just ridiculous. How do you teach someone to be happy? How do you use your own experience to make another human being happy? Happiness can’t be forced. You shouldn’t feel like you’re working for your happiness.