The strength of a Queen cannot be over emphasised.

Queen will be interchanged with woman/women in this post.

It’s all fun and games when we (females) want to think of cool names for our social media accounts, we might just decide to add king before our names. We want to show how powerful we are, we’re a no-nonsense bunch and people need to see the strength we possess the second they open our social media accounts right? Maybe that’s why people do it or not, I’d probably never know.

I’m not trying to throw shade at anyone. I have friends that do that too and I’m definitely not judging them, maybe they didn’t even think of it like that… I didn’t even think of it like that – until now of course. You know, it’s pretty cool to be a King, but what exactly is wrong with being a Queen? What exactly are we teaching the younger generation?

Side note: I’m still the younger generation abeg.

We as women have roles and men have theirs too. There’s no reason to take on the role of a man just to show strength and or power. Whatever happened to the strength we have in us as women? Maybe we don’t even know how much strength we possess as woman… how can you not know that you’re more than just a pretty face and a sexy body? You’re more than the discrimination you receive for being you; a woman. By becoming someone you’re not, taking up the role of a man, you’re proving to other women and men that we are not enough. That we need to add a little umph, and a little man in order for us to be considered enough.

You’re enough

You carry the man you long to be in your belly

You are the centre of his world

You are soft enough to offer life

Tough enough to drown it away

You have everything you need to be within yourself

Don’t let the world convince you that you’re not enough

Forgive them for calling you pretty

Before they saw how extraordinary you are

You’re much more than their myopic minds would ever understand

You’re phenomenal

You’re a woman

A Queen.

Side note: I suck at poetry, so don’t judge me ☺️

So that was a mix of some of my lines and those of two of favourite poets: Rupi Kaur and Maya Angelou. Those are two women that I love and admire sooo much! I hope this reminds you that you’re enough.

Side note: yeah I know some people just thing it’s a cool thing to say they’re king-whatever, and it’s not that deep – but darling, the little things matter. Feed yourself with the right stuff and you’re going to glow, literally lol. Speaking of, I incorporated running into my almost non-existent fitness journey yesterday, I’m drinking more water. I must glow!

Thanks for reading guys.



  1. barbiethug says:

    I couldn’t have said this any better!! i find it unneccesary and some kind of semi illiteracy to be bearing king something when you are obviously a SHE, A QUEEN IN ALL ITS GLORIES. Like why give that up? In a way they are saying that the Queen title isn’t just enough, somehow echoing the societal appraisal of kings that maybe they are better or stronger or something i am yet to understand or agree with. Sorry i am taking this personal, let me calm down a bit. i remember a time when i used to write in my bio ‘I’m a queen not because I’m subjective to anyone, i’m just being my gender’.
    welldone Cuz, this is a good piece.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. susanspecs says:

    This is one of the major problems we have now as a society, we are trading our awesomeness and queen-ness for a mere title “king” just to prove what is not.

    Thanks for sharing babe

    Liked by 1 person

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