Hi guys. I have decided to share my acne story and how I got clear skin again. Lemme give a little backstory…

I’ve always had acne prone skin. I remember I was eleven years old, when I first broke out; I also remember thinking it was an allergy. My mum got me all the beauty products I needed and by the time I was sixteen, I didn’t have a face full of pimples anymore. My scarring had also cleared considerably well.

In my second year in the university, I stopped using cleansers and toners on my face. I continued to break out naturally – just before my period, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Before the breakout




In 2016, I experienced some changes in my life, I was depressed. The changes in my hormones led me to break out again. I had no clue so I attributed it to allergies again. What I had on (only the right side) my face didn’t seem like pimples; more like boils and I couldn’t sleep on that side of my face because of the pain I felt. It got worse and the pimples began to spread to my neck, it was at the point that my inner goddess whispered shit just got real. I was clueless so I’d cover my face in long braids, hoping that the pimples will miraculously disappear.

Cystic/ Hormonal Acne

What was I thinking? Before and After? It literally looks the same

Sometime in 2016… It got better


My roommate/friend at that time was a med lab undergrad so she advised me to use antibiotics. I did and my acne started to dry out. I was happy. But the minute I stopped the medication, my acne came back with full force. I decided to seek the help of a semi specialist, so I visited a pharmacist. They prescribed Epiderm cream and it worked like magic. Within a couple of weeks, my face was completely rid of the monsters.

I had read on the internet that creams like Epiderm had steroids in them and they weren’t good for the skin. I didn’t care, I was too desperate to care, I was ready to use the cream for the rest of my life!

Subsequently, my break out was more rash-like and I didn’t feel any pain. I basically looked like a girl with a face full of rash. That wasn’t cute, so I’d run back to my Epiderm crea, my ex holy grail.

Jan/Feb 2017


Before I went to camp in November 2016, I visited my family doctor. I showed him pictures of the first time the scary breakouts started and he said it was cystic acne. He prescribed birth control pills (Diane 35). I used that for about 90 days and my face was back to normal again! Even camp had nothing on me! Lol. Shortly after I started working at my PPA, I broke out again.

This time I was just tired of it all. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t cover my face or hide behind a full face of makeup  (Although I wasn’t using makeup when I had cystic acne). My cousin (who btw, always had the smoothest skin) was breaking out too so she recommended some vitamins she was using. I wasn’t patient enough, so I don’t know if I would have experienced any positive changes with the vitamins. Almost immediately, I started to take probiotics because the internet said so – I didn’t get any results.

Side note: during this period, I stayed away from diary products and sweets. So my diet wasn’t the problem.


I started to notice improvements on my skin when I did the following

  • I took a break. I stopped using every soap or cream I heard about and actually decided to find out the problem… hormones? Bacteria? I couldn’t afford a dermatologist in Edo State, Although my dad was more than ready to pay for one – because Tobi needs to find a man.
  • I concluded that the hormonal imbalance had been cured and the problem was bacteria, coupled with the products I was using.
  • I started to exfoliate my skin every week. Prior to all the meds and soaps and cream, I probably exfoliated once a month or not all , in an entire month.
  • I got a soap (DUDU OSUN) and stuck to it
  • I bought Micellar Water, and used it as a cleanser because it got rid of most of the dirt on my skin. I would use it before washing my face.
  • I drank more water. I was one of those people that thought the drink more water people were scammers… they’re not. Try it, and thank us later!
  • I got a good moisturiser. I used to use Neutrogena. Its a good brand and its expensive, so I believed I had to be on the right track. It was non comedogenic but it made me sweat and apparently, sweat breaks me out.
  • I started receiving calls with my earpiece. I was scared of all the bacteria on my phone screen. There was no way I’d put that on my face!




When I have to take off my makeup

  1. I use wipes or olive oil (and a cotton pad) to take off my make up.
  2. I take off the rest of my makeup with some micellar water
  3. Wash my face with Dudu Osun and my cleansing spin brush
  4. Sometimes I exfoliate with my sea salt scrub (I ran out of my DIY turmeric scrub – I like to use that at night)
  5. I tone my face with Apple Cider Vinegar
  6. I use Cetaphil cream as a moisturiser
  7. Whenever I have a pimple, I use Neo Medrol as a spot treatment. It works like magic!

When I don’t have to take off my makeup…

  1. I wash my face with my fingers or my spin brush. it depends on how I’m feeling actually
  2. Exfoliate once a week (or twice when I’m being too lazy)
  3. Occasionally, I use my bentonite clay and ACV mixture as a mask (whenever I feel like pampering my skin – honestly, I don’t even remember).
  4. Tone with ACV
  5. I use Cetaphil cream as a moisturiser
  6. Neo Medrol as a spot treatment

If you’re dealing with acne, I know its a horrible feeling but it’ll get better. Educate yourself, visit a dermatologist and find out what works for you. Most importantly, be patient.

I hope this was helpful guys.

Love, Tobi💚





  1. girleccentric says:

    I’m here taking notes like 📝
    My pimples are not so bad but this year, I just want to invest more in skincare. I’ve heard of the wonders of Apple Cider vinegar and exfoliating. I exfoliate more these days and I have less break outs. Although I don’t moisturize cos my skin reacts to almost everything and I’m scared I might put something wrong on it and experience more break outs. I’m thinking of something natural or water-based.

    Liked by 2 people

    • journalthreesixty says:

      ACV is the absolute best. I don’t know what i’d do without it! I get you, I was so scared of trying anything on my face too but water based products are good. It also helps to read reviews on products you want to buy. I did that before buying cetaphil and a lot of people with acne prone skin suggested the cream over the lotion.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. TheValueAdder says:

    Thanks! I’m definitely going back to my ACV. I don’t even know what it feels like to have a smooth face. Mine’s oily and acne-prone. Recently though, it’s been quite smooth -2018 must be my year! I noticed this since I started using DIY black soap and baking soda scrub. Then I stopped using some “holy grail ” oils like coconut and olive oil on my face. They are good, but for oily, acne-prone skin, they clogged my pores the more. Now I use green tea as toner followed by almond oil every morning and nothing else, not even powder and it’s been cooperating.. I hope this change lasts sha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. quirksandpearls says:

    Sunshine, as I was reading this and seeing the picture, I was just shouting in my head “Halleluyah!” My dear, I saw the struggle, I am so happy your face looks flawless. BTW, I should show my face some care. It’s not like I have breakouts but I need it to glow lol. Thanks for the routine and products you mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

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