How to Wing The New Year

Happy end of the new and happy new year in advance, people.

It’s the end of the year already, I can’t believe it. At the end of 2016, the mantra was 2017 is my year or I’m getting all I deserve in 2018 and some of us didn’t work towards that… or maybe we did but things didn’t work out as we planned.I’m not an expert but I’ve read enough self help books (and I’m also using my common sense lol) so I’d like to share some of the tips with you. If you have any ideas too, don’t fail to share. We’re all getting it in 2018! πŸ™πŸ½

A lot of people are about this New Year, New Me thing and it bothers me a little. The post is not up because the new year is the only time to make changes, improvements or resolutions. At any time in the year, you can decide to make your resolutions and that’s fine but in the spirit of the new year, lets discuss some things that can help us get the best out of ourselves.

The first tip I’d like to share is creating a new year Resolution/Goal list. I cannot overemphasise how important this is. I never bothered about resolutions or goal lists in the past but I’ve now realised that you can easily forget your goals if you don’t constantly remind yourself of them. You also need to be very realistic so you don’t get overwhelmed by trying toΒ achieve them.


  • Write those resolutions and goals down
  • create a time frame to achieve them
  • scratch off goals that you have achieved, this will encourage you to keep going.

Get a planner. I don’t know what you cool kids call it but it’s a journal that you can use to plan your daily activities. You can also download any app from the app store that will help you achieve this by notifying you of what you have to do. This has helped me to stop procrastinating as much. I personally use SevenDays, I thinkΒ the app costs about three hundred naira.

Get rid of your bad habits. Get rid of one bad habit at a time, its easier that way. Mine is procrastination. That’s my major bad habit. Remind yourself why you’re trying to stop it in the first place whenever you feel like giving up.

Shut out negativity and negative people. This is a major thing we need to do. There’s a big difference between being a negative person and being realistic. Keep up with those positive daily affirmations and shut negativity out of your life. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can not do. Don’t let them project their fears upon your life.

Get some Sunglasses. You’re going to shine like a star, you’ll need some sunglasses to block out all that light and I got you covered! Ok guys, that was my lame excuse at advertising lol. What I should have simply said is this: I have some of the coolest sunglasses in stock for as low as 2k and as high as 4k so holla at your girl.

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And guys, don’t forget to be steadfast in prayer.

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10 thoughts on “How to Wing The New Year

  1. smookiekinssite says:

    I love the way you used the word ‘wing’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounded like it’s nothing serious,everyone has to shut out negative people and thoughts away please who doesn’t want peace of mind lol,good post.

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