Beauty is You

Hey guys!

Is it just me or Christmas this year is not as bubbly as it usually is? The whole fuel scarcity thing is probably what everyone is talking about; asides how rubbish our economy is. It is well.This post is a little bit over due, I was just too excited about my Odu’a trip and I had to post that first lol. So, I was watching skinny girl in transit the other day, the final episode and it dawned on me that Tiwa wasn’t meant to end up as the conventional big girl idea some of us have. Although she still had the conventional state of mind.

Let me break my thoughts down a little, She started out feeling insecure about her weight but later her confidence grew. She ended up with an amazing and good looking guy, not to mention loaded; that didn’t care about her extra flesh here and there… but she still felt fat. Fat is a rude word, I know but I don’t mean it the literal way. I mean, you can be plus size and not feel fat. Fat is when you don’t feel beautiful because you’re bigger than the average girl. Even in movies, only the big girls with insecurities call themselves fat whilst crying and running somewhere to cry alone. The confident ones use the term phat instead. I mean, fat or skinny, aren’t we all imperfect? I remember praying to God back in secondary school to get rid of my thigh gap cause I hated it so much, I still do.

All I’m trying to say in a nut shell is we’re all beautiful. Saying this doesn’t automatically make it okay; your insecurities aren’t just going to go away but it won’t hurt you remind yourself one more time that you’re beautifully made. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say that I don’t raise my phone a little higher to take selfies so y’all don’t think I’m going to sniff you like coke with my big ass nostrils. The difference now is, I’m not shy or insecure about it. I’m only working my angles lol. Although, I still have other insecurities that I work on everyday not really everyday 🙄.

So let’s all keep working on our insecurities and realising how beautiful we can be inside and out instead of letting society tell you what beauty is when God already created us all in diverse but beautiful ways!

Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas 🎄

Thanks for reading guys 💗


12 thoughts on “Beauty is You

  1. Oluchi says:

    I don’t think Tiwa and her people are portraying the reality of stuff. She is on the big side and as much as we’d love to
    preach against throwing shades at plus
    sized figures, society tends to make it slightly tough to move beyond it. Majority of people, Tiwa inclusive, wouldn’t date someone who is big. But double standard makes it as though the ladies alone suffer subjectivity.

    We are all beautiful regardless of being with our dream spouses. We don’t have to be comfortable first before we realize it.

    Idle head

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    • journalthreesixty says:

      Lol I dunno why I found the “tiwa and her people” part funny… you’re very right about the whole double standard thing. The other day Dolapo Oni’s husband was being body-shamed so it’s a two way street.
      Thanks for this comment, Oluchi 💕

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  2. QuriksandPearls says:

    There’s something a friend of mine told me and I thought of it. You see, fat is a word that has been used as an ugly thing, as a bad thing, but the truth is, just like thin is thin, white is white, black is black, fat is fat! We tend to see it as a bad thing because of how the society has made it look like, with a lot of fat shaming and body shaming going on. For goodness sake, someone might be big and be metabolically healthy, the same way a thin person can be metabolically unhealthy. The important thing is to be fit, make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles. Everyone is beautiful, Like that same friend will say, it’s all in the mind. It’s not easy, even me have not gotten there, but we got to learn to condition our minds to see ourselves as beautiful and deserving. Somehow, when we think we are not beautiful or pretty enough, we feel we don’t even deserve the good things we get, reason we question it and have doubts. Ok my comment is becoming a blog post but yea, I just conceived an idea for a blog post, thanks to you!
    This was an interesting read.

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    • journalthreesixty says:

      You’re right that society has led us to see “fat” as something negative but so is thin. It’s not necessarily about being healthy or not (although that’s also important) but to feel beautiful in your skin. You know when you know you’re already popping but you just want to pop a little more so you “fitfam” lol. Bottom line is to believe that you’re beautiful, regardless what your shape or size might be. It’s hard but we’ll get there 💪🏽

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