Someone asked me if I have a journal and I said “no”. This person’s reply was paraphrased : your blog is your journal. No pun intended. It took a few seconds before I mentally agreed to that statement.

Hope you guys are having a great month. And how’s the prep for Valentine’s Day? That day is gradually becoming a joke to me. 

Sometimes you have your whole life figured out; you have a plan and know what you want and how you’d go about it but this thing called life watches you make your plans like a lion watches it’s prey and pounces on your perfectly structured plans and it all comes crashing down.

Some things aren’t just as lucid as people think they are. There’s a deeper even spiritual reason for everything. I’d watch my dad listen to people talk about spirituality with his brows furrowed in concentration. I’d listen attentively as he manages to relay them to me almost word for word.

I have now tried to make the best of any situation. I would hiss and kiss my teeth. I’d frown and mentally punch something. I’d roll my eyes physically or mentally but I’d lay in bed and try to find a reason to be happy. I’d remind myself that there’s a reason for everything.

No, nothing unpleasantly deep is going on in my life right now. But some of these trivial things build up into one huge mess over time.

Side note: one of my friends told me how she gets angry/sad right before her birthday. Could that be my situation? I hope not. I just feel like a need a break. 

Edit: I posted this and saw a notification that it’s been one year I started this blog🎉 Time flies!!

Thanks for reading💕


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