Angry Nigerian Men

Her peoples!! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Mine has been quite eventful- having kids around is not even a joke. I’m now considering adopting a teenager cause babies can kill 😭😭

If you follow Joro Olumofin on instagram you probably know what’s been going on on his page. An angry Nigerian man sent a message explaining to us how we (Nigerian girls) after after the money. We don’t want to spilt the bills on a date blah blah blah. His fellow crew uncles sent their own versions of how “whities” are the best and we, we’re the worst. I just want to tell these men that it’s not that deep; they should drink cold Pepsi and sleep. The weather is too hot.

You want a woman to split the bill with you yet you chase women that don’t have a job or aren’t earning enough money so you can do stuff for them and feel like a man.

How do you want them to split the bill when they aren’t even earning enough to be wasting on Chinese food on every date night?

You marry a woman that splits the bills but you don’t feel needed enough so you get a side chic and finish your money on top of her head.

I’m broke, sitting in my house, eating bread and watching funny skits. You call my number and ask me out on a date and you want me to split the bill? Because what?

You say I order expensive food on a date. Please should I order jollof rice that I can cook inside my kitchen? Please let me broaden my horizon.

I can’t be a feminist cause I don’t split the bill? How? I don’t get it.

Guys, you attract the type of girls you want. If you’re looking for someone that’ll split bills with you, you won’t find that in most Nigerian girls. Why? It’s because there are too many fuck boys out there. How many boys will she split the bill with? You want her to go broke?

Why are you giving yourselves headache? Leave Nigerian girls alone and find the ones that’ll split bills with you since that’s your problem now.

What do you guys think though? Do we have to split the bill?


15 thoughts on “Angry Nigerian Men

  1. oluchee says:

    Where have you been? Why am I seeing your posts now?!
    Please loud your opinions well. They need to hear. They want to “go dutch” but they’ll take the ladies in an expensive place to make themselves look good. Why should it be my problem is you can’t really afford their meals? Deep down, that’s the problem. If they can readily afford the meals they would sincerely not bother about splitting bills. Imagine I’m all for supporting and helping how I can, but only when I see the need too.
    If you decide to take me on a trip to another state, I’m sure i should help fill your car tank a bit?

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  2. Adeoluwa says:

    Sharing bills on date shouldn’t be a big deal because i personally feel it shows a high sense of responsibility and independence. That being said, a guy asking a lady out on date should be capable enough to plan for the date which must include footing the bills and other logistics. There you have it from my view.

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