Random Rant: Don’t Speak

Hey guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was rather uneventful but oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️

I came across this post on installing…

I’m sure you’ve read it and you now get the gist. First of, I was shocked that the women in the bus asked her to ignore him but what I saw in the comments shocked me even more!

Some guys were concerned about what she was wearing cause maybe that’s what caused the man to misbehave and others didn’t believe her!

Why’s it that in Nigeria (and other African countries) the victim of sexual harassment (among others) always keep quiet about it. They don’t have the opportunity to speak up and get justice!

Why is it okay that the man did that but they ask her what she was wearing instead. Even if she’s in her undies, does it give him the right to do what he did?

And the people that said she was lying I can’t blame them for thinking that. It sounds unbelievable. Sounds ridiculous that a grown man will do that!

But I believe her as something similar happened to my friends in a bank… she was on a queue and the guy kept putting his penis on her ass (which is huge btw) so she left the queue and what shocked her the most was his hard on. She watched with disgust as he kept trying to use his t shirt to cover it!


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