5 signs the relationship is bad for you

Hey guys!

So this post was kind of inspired by my personal experience but if you’re in a relationship with someone (friend/boyfriend/girlfriend) and they have some of these qualities… RUN! 

Emotional selfishness 

These ones are very common. I’m not even talking about being selfish over material stuff, I’m talking about emotional selfishness. They always want things to go their way. You’re going through a phase but they’ll still choose to talk about themselves. They always want to be the centre of everything forgetting you’re a human too

Those that always play victim 

There are those friends/lovers that always play the victim. You don’t love me enough, you don’t care for me enough, you’re picking that person over me. They are delusional but they don’t know it. Spare yourself the unnecessary headache and stay away from them. They look at themselves and they believe nobody loves or cares better than they do and you can never do anything right.

The emotional blackmailers 

If you don’t do this then you don’t love me… if you don’t go to that place with me then you don’t care about our friendship… They are a lot like the selfish friends/lovers. They want you to do stuff for them, they don’t care how you feel about not found them so they’d rather blackmail you into doing it. Don’t let them pressurise you. Don’t let them take away your right to make decisions and stand by them

I know you more than you know yourself 

These ones are just annoying. Dude you don’t know me more than I know myself; I’ve known myself more than you’ve known myself!!! They want to tell you why you do certain things. They think they’ve had you all figured out and when you try to tell them “dude I don’t like the shit you do” they don’t listen cause in their tiny brain they believe you don’t know what the hell you’re saying..

Friendly Thieves 

These ones piss me the hell off! Basically all they know is how to take things from you. Those friends that take clothes/money from you without being able to give back ugh they piss me off. And some boyfriends/gfs are like that. They keep asking for money like their boyfriend is their daddy and the men, you’d think they’d have some decency not to keep asking for stuff from their gfs!
From personal experiences what do you think is a relationship (friendship or lovers) deal breaker for you.

Thanks for reading 💋


8 thoughts on “5 signs the relationship is bad for you

  1. Ajibike Oyinda says:

    Those that think they know me better than myself can be so annoying. Like brother I’ve known myself since forever. Can’t deal with emotional blackmailers that a major red light for me even when we are not dating.

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  2. Preshylala says:

    I figured the emotional selfishness thing over time. I can’t deal with guys who talk about themselves over everything and want to be the centre of the universe even when you actually had a really bad day or something like that. That’s basically the first thing I watch out for

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