11am, 11 thoughts 

Hey guys! Random post here🙋🏾

I’m sitting in the staff room of Paulson British intl school and thinking about random things…

  • People can be so incompetent and you just have to know how not to be affected by the things that they’re doing. E.g. My TA took my lesson notes and text books home and she’s not around hence I can’t really teach the kids
  • There are so many amazing people in the world 🌎 and if you look closely, you’d find them
  • I should eat more and drink more water
  • Be thankful for what you have and what you don’t have
  • Am I you really working towards a achieving my dreams?
  • Am I standing up for myself or letting my parents make all the decisions?
  • I should pray more
  • Lola Oj is a beautiful woman
  • I can’t wait to have my own kids 👶🏾
  • Life is so hard in the real world (I dunno why I already add “in the real world” but I just do. Sue me!)
  • What would I do for my birthday?



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