Life Lately X Stuck in a Rut

Hey lovelies!! It’s being forever. FOREVER! I’ve been stuck in something and I have no idea what it is. I haven’t posted anything in a while not because I didn’t have anything to post but I was not feeling motivated enough to post anything at all.

I literally had to push myself to post this tonight; plus I’ve missed reading all of my favourite blogs. Anyway, this post is about my life lately

I was super frustrated in December, thanks to nysc and all the nonsense about posting and reposting (it actually lasted all the way till the first week of January before I sorted it out)

Lemme back up a little bit – I got back from camp and I was looking ridiculous as helllll! Legs and face as dark as night! 🌚My face was messed up with pimples as well (most of it cleared off after about a week).

The obvious struggle of not being able to post anything and wanting so desperately to but still not being able to!🙄

Also, not having enough time for myself during the holidays because I had a lot to do; like shopping and endless cleaning (thanks to the harmattan). Basically, I wasn’t mentally and physically ready to leave Ibadan for Benin; but I did anyway.

My uncle going on about how dangerous Benin is and how I should stay with him and his family. They are extra nice but sometimes a girl just needs her spaaace man!

Now to the mother of all problems – after a couple of days of being back here I broke out really bad. The last time I had similar acne, my doctor said it was hormonal. It’s really depressing because it’s the most stubborn kind of acne to get rid of. Whilst struggling to get rid of it using a spot treatment, I burned my face so now I have patches of dry darker skin on my chin area😭😭😭😭 (cause that’s where I have most of the acne) So if anyone has dealt with hormonal acne in the past, lemme know what works! pls and thank you!!!


These are the things that I’ve recently been doing or trying to do…

  • I think I’m breaking whatever spell I was under; that one stopping me from posting when an idea pops in my head.
  • I want to post more videos on youtube and I’m working towards that. You can watch the videos on YouTube – just search for GIRLS TALK WITH TM
  • I’m relaxing on the face thing and trying not to worry about it as much.
  • Writing more
  • Reading more
  • Broadening my music genre
  • Talking more about things that matter

Thank you guys for reading. I’m not saying this will happen again but please subscribe so if I’m ever stuck in a rut again you’d know when I ‘resurface’.


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