Powerful Women X Life Lately

I took gender and sexuality in my final year in school and one of the things I learnt was that one of the many reasons women are not placed in positions of power is because of emotions. On some level, I got them. On our periods we’re entirely different people that what people are generally used to.

So a couple of days ago, my period came knocking and it didn’t come alone. It came with pains and mood swings.



You guys don’t know but I’ve been in nysc camp for what feels like 2 months but it’s actually been 2 weeks. And it’s one of the reasons I’ve been MIA.


So while we were having morning devotion it became so unbearable that I had to go to the hostel; I met a couple of men o’ war and they stopped me, I told them how I was feeling and they were cool with me going to rest except a female soldier. She was so rude and mean and her attitude was so disgusting to me.

I went back to the parade ground straight faced and pissed. Thinking about how wicked women (I have met) in positions of power are. From female lecturers (except two amazing women) to female police officers and now soldiers. I remember how a lady stopped a bus I took a few days before camp. She said the man didn’t stop when the light turned red but he did. This old man (def. over 60) prostrated for this woman along side several other old men and women but she turned deaf ears. I was beyond shocked.

Are they like that because of what people have assumed them to be? They don’t want to come off as fragile so they become really mean and almost inhuman in some cases. I honestly don’t understand it but I hate it so much.

So life lately… It’s been pretty stressful. I’ve fallen ill in 2 months more than I have in the first half of the year. Camp has been stressful. I don’t want to go into deets Coz I won’t end.

What do you guys think about women in positions of power? Do you think they’re mostly mean? Have I only met the wrong ones?


8 thoughts on “Powerful Women X Life Lately

  1. Ajibike Oyinda says:

    Chai! Why are they letting you suffer for goodness sake? 😭😭 I think the problem is these women are so used to being under a man’s authority. When they eventually have a chance in power, they misbehave. Try and stay fine you hear? Corper shon! Take care.

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  2. Ngumabi says:

    I understand you dear
    Every time I meet a woman in an office, I already know what to expect
    They are almost always mean when they are in powerful positions especially to their fellow women or girls
    It’s like; since they suffered to get there, they have to make life difficult for others as well

    There is a general saying that ‘the problem of a woman is another woman’

    Women need to realise that acting tough does not earn them any extra respect. It only makes people to submit to them out of fear.

    Nice post my dear
    Thanks for sharing


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    • journalthreesixty says:

      I really loved this comment. They want that respect that men automatically get and they think being mean will help them get it.

      It has been said that women don’t support each other and it’s not only career wise Coz like you said, they are extra mean especially to their fellow women.

      Thanks for your comment Ngumabi.


  3. Nakas says:

    Another reason these women are like this sometimes is just plain bitterness, nothing else and it’s sad. Also they prolly don’t want anyone to undermine or run them down because they are females, so they have to be hard. I can’t really say what their problem is. Sometimes people really show themselves when you give them power or authority, whether big or small.

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