The problem might just be YOU

So, I’ve been thinking about relationships these days.. Someone might wonder why Lool. I guess it just happens to be topics I hear around these days and it gets me thinking…

Okay if you know me, you know I read Joro Olumofin’s page (I hope I spelt it right) and break or make up on Instagram and I read a lot about people with relationship problems.

I’m sure you guys have heard the saying that only a mad man does the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. You’re used to the fun, spontaneous guy and that’s ok but if this is the same type of guys that have been snatching your heart and smashing it againt the wall and leaving nothing but debris, in the past then girl you really need to wake up!

My friend will say keep an open mind (I really do learn a lot from my friends 😍). Find a guy that’s entirely your type but a real guy. Someone who is reliable. If you’ve noticed that you tend to go for thesame type of guy then there’s definitely something that needs to be changed. We girls need to understand that theirs no changing a guy. Don’t tell yourself he has some of the qualities I have in a man but I’ll change this and that.
Like Dami said in her post, you find the man of your dreams, he has all the qualities to want in a man and some. (Some = the ones you can’t stand). In such happens, you need to remind yourself that he’s going to be that way forever. Take it or leave it.

Ok, I drifted a little from the actual topic… Anyway the message I’m trying to pass across is, if you’ve dated thesame kind of guys in the past and it didn’t end well, you should know that you need to keep an open find and find guys that are different from what you’re used to. Look at what happened in trainwreck! {I randomly just remembered that- trying new things (or people) could be a good thing}.

Disclaimer: fun and spontaneous guys are not necessarily bad guys. I just used that as an example.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Kisses and Love💋


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