Question for the Almost-boyfriend

Hey guys!

So I was thinking about relationships and how complicated they can be sometimes. My friend would say ‘Life isn’t hard, we only make it seem hard'(Odi this is for you!) and I agree with her but sometimes there’s absolutely no way around it. my question is, how soon do you ask a guy for this genotype. it seems like a very easy question but in this time, you’ll ask a guy that and hell automatically assume you’re desperate.

I know I’m not alone in this because I asked some friends and we were sort of on the same page. One of my friends was like you need to ask like instantly. dude what’s your genotype? before you start loving up. and I was like did you ask any of your exes for their genotype and she coyly said no. I asked my ex but it wasn’t until about 6months into the relationship which in my opinion was not early enough. I wish I could like ask straight up; you’re asking me out and were vibing meaning you’re becoming an almost boyfriend.. in that very moment I want to know your genotype so I can scoot or stay!

I’m pretty sure there are girls that don’t have any issues with asking straight up and I so want to be them when I grow up. But anyway this is something that I was just randomly thinking about wanted to share and see what you guys think..

Love and Kisses


10 thoughts on “Question for the Almost-boyfriend

  1. Ajibike Oyinda says:

    Funny enough I didn’t know the genotype of my first boyfriend until well over a year that we had been dating. But it basically tends to slip in conversations if you want it to. It’s not compulsory you ask straight out. It can be an awkward topic for real as most guys aren’t really bothered about it.

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  2. Nakas says:

    Lol…Thanks. Anyway like Oyinda said I think slipping it in conversations just playfully or casually would do. But life sha, if only things could be direct without one taking it somehow, life would have been easier.

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  3. Olaitan says:

    Baby girl, this is the story of my life rn. You just gave me an avenue to ask oh. I’d just be like ‘So I was reading a post’ and blah blah. Lol. We’ve talked about it once but he didn’t seem sure. Gats to ask again. Funny enough, he’s the one that does all the future thinking and not me but I still feel awkward asking. I had better get to it rn. Thanks for this postπŸ’‹

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