Holy grail: Apple Cider Vinegar X Raw Shea Butter

Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute! I had this post half drafted about a week ago (lol I’m so backward for typing that right?!) but I was just too lazy to complete and post it. Besides, I’ve been busy. In other news, I started reading my first book by Chimamanda Adiche; Americanah. It’s interesting but I’m already exhausted because I have it in PDF format. I’ll pick hard copy over soft copy any day!

I’m on page 31


Back to my holy grail products… I’m sure someone is going to thank me later ☺️. Sometime last month (I think) I completely spaced out on washing my face at night. Like really, it didn’t even cross my mind for one second. I dunno if it’s because I wasn’t wearing makeup (btw, is it wear makeup or use- or apply makeup?- English is just too damn hard).

I obviously blamed myself when I started to see tiny rash-like pimples on my face and I had white heads all over. I didn’t take pictures but even if I did, I’m not sure I would share them 🙈

Anyway, I found a solution to my problem and that’s what I’m going to share with you guys. I might have sworn in the past that I’d never neglect my face, so I wouldn’t even bother doing that now because it’s me🙄


It helps to use ACV with the ‘mother’ in it


What I did

I washed my face twice everyday with African black soap. I don’t know what brand it is but I think Dudu osun is great but leaves your skin stripped of its natural oils so moisturising is a must. After that, I toned my face with Apple cider vinegar and applied Shea butter. My Shea butter mixture has some glycerin in it. I find that Shea butter is more effective on my skin if I apply it at night probably because our skin repairs itself when we sleep (I read that somewhere).

Ps: my ACV (Apple cider vinegar) mixture contained one part water and one part ACV. So if you’re using a cup of water, you’ll have to measure that same quantity of ACV and mix. Before you apply the mixture on your face shake the bottle containing your ACV mixture because it has sediments.


My ACV toner



As you can see, it’s acidic


Fun fact: ACV smells like poop but it’s soo worth it! Lol.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried using ACV on your face and if it worked for you. Thank you guys for reading and sticking with me…X


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