What’s wrong with our ‘men’? 

Hey guys!

Happy new month. I’ve been MIA for sometime but it’s because I’ve been so busy. But like I said in one of my previous posts, things would change towards the end of the month (hopefully). 

So yesterday, I saw this story that someone shared (of course he said it was his friends story) about a lady he wanted to have sex with it but couldn’t go through with it because she had stretch marks on her butt.

I saw another post where another guy said he felt sorry for slim girls because no one would ever want them. People tried to convince him with their comments that it wasn’t a general preference; some men did prefer their women slim but this guy wouldn’t have it. He said “stop deceiving yourselves.” “So because I’m saying how every guy feels I’m not ok.”


source: cosmopolitan.com

Permit me to rant about men children. Man child: an immature man. What’s wrong with our generation? The guys are so insensitive sometimes… Making a big deal about women who wear makeup and weaves. Saying hurtful things to women that have stretch marks or some fat around their bellies. They’ve led several girls to feel insecure and ashamed of what they look like. If they find their perfect woman today, when she gets pregnant chances are her body would change. That term they use for women whose breasts are no longer perky (Olympus has fallen-can you even imagine 😡) m would be the situation of their wives. She might have those “ugly” stretch marks too (like having stretch marks is a taboo).

What then would happen to the love you claimed to have for her? You would cheat on her and say “she let herself go?”


if the stomach carried your beautiful baby and you feel disgusted cause your wife now looks like this, you’re a man child!

They make a big deal about women wearing makeup but only a handful will approach a girl that’s team natural. They like all the “packaging” and whether they believe it or not, their wives breasts won’t be perky forever, she has abs now doesn’t mean she’ll have it forever, most women have stretch marks so they better start to accept it.

its makeup not sorcery!

The women they lust after on covers on magazines have been air brushed but they want real life beauties like us to look like an edited picture. Men have lead insecure girls to believe they are not beautiful enough, bleach their skin in order to look prettier, wear butt pads and so on.

We girls need to remind ourselves that were beautiful regardless what they say. No one is going to love us if we don’t love ourselves first. You can be skinny, fat, slim, dark, fair, short, tall, pear shaped, Apple shaded, square shaped or hourglass. You can even have cellulite and/or stretch marks, short/long hair, kinky/straight/curly hair but one thing we have in common is beauty. We are all beautiful and if a man child says otherwise punch him in the face ignore him.

Thank you guys for reading and remember you’re beautiful!…X


7 thoughts on “What’s wrong with our ‘men’? 

  1. hohyindah says:

    I can totally relate to this post. I think the question is what’s wrong with the ladies. It’s like we have this notion that we have to be perfect for the guys and actually don’t. Ladies spend so much on makeup, underwear, working out and starving themselves to keep in shape ‘just to impress the guys’. And really, we should not. A guy who does love a girl for who she is really is not worth the effort. We ladies should just stay strong and remember we’re beautiful.

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  2. Mide says:

    Preach sister!!! Honestly I don’t understand what is wrong with our this generation of men, I mean it’s really bad that a girl can do anything just to look ‘perfect’ for her so-called man, it’s bad enough that she already has self esteem issues,then with a man child who constantly reminds her if her imperfections, it’s just sad.
    Good read👌

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